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Terms and Conditions

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Designfo India - #919 831 03 7463

These terms and conditions magnify your use of www.designfo.net. Your act of using our website exhibits your acceptance of these terms and conditions fully. If these terms and conditions are not favourable by you then you should not manipulate this website unwillingly. If our terms and conditions please you then you are heartedly invited on our website www.designfo.net.

A) How to contact us?

ANS:- 1) First of all you should do is to read in details and accept what notification we are trying to carry to you through this terms and conditions of our website.

2) Then you should select design types and sizes from order us page.

3) Next you should mail us and then we will send you a free quote and also the time limitation for that.

4) Invest fully for your asset.

B) What you should not do?

ANS:- 1) Don’t reproduce copy or misuse this website for any reason.

2) Don’t disclose the materials to publics.

3) Don’t spread materials from this website to another website.

4) Don’t sell, rent and let materials to another website.

C) What a liability should maintain?

ANS:- 1) The client’s should sent text designs, logos and copyrighted images for creating their designs his or her designs as we put in any related pages of this site.

2) For any kind of severe damage.

3) Don’t make Designfo and www.designfo.net responsible for any weighty losses and also for any used thing taking place by the other company.

D) We don’t give assurance: - We the workers of Designfo do not assure you anything related to this website www.designfo.net. We create outstanding designs for the purpose of your business and then send the entire files after finishing our project but if the client’s detest then we will positively return you the payment but after getting the final raw files we will not return their payment. We provide immeasurable revisions for designing project and also support the consumer’s technically and mentally. We request you not to make us responsible for any kinds of disasters.

E) Changes to our terms of use: - Are you troubled?

Don’t be troubled because we will instantly inform you or let you know if we decide to refashion the terms and conditions and privacy policy for the website www.designfo.net and to re-equip yourself you must be in touch with us every now and then.

Our Comfortability

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