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Designfo India - #919 831 03 7463

We the organized designfo team, the freeholder of www.designfo.net purpose to solve your problems regarding web designs such as:- SEO service, HTML5 responsive web design. You can fully trust us without vision. We assist you with specifically the composed data’s to make you more contented with our infographics to secure your order. Please go through this full text to be more instructive about our privacy policy.

1) What details do we assemble?

ANS:- When you enter or visit our site to buy any service from us by clicking the “CONTACT NOW” button it is possible for us to gather information's. Properly when registering on our site we may ask you to provide all your personal details to process our orders.

2) What is an Online Privacy Policy?

ANS:- This Online Privacy Policy functions to give information's to the client’s assembled through our website www.designfo.net but not the information collected through offline. We provide professionally the services like:- SEO service, HTML5 responsive web design.

3) Your permission or co-operation:-

ANS:- You give us a positive feedback when you visit and buy our site www.designfo.net. We are recharged and able to do our work more energetically when you co-operate with us when you use our site. We provide many professional services WordPress, HTML 5 Web Animated Banner Design, Joomla, on-page and off-page expansion, Android App Design, Ad words, Google re marketing, Header Design and Info graphics

4) Reincorporating your information's:-

ANS:- You can ingress your secret and intimate details frankly without any confusion because we take a number of steps to personalize your own information's. All the given credit information's are shifted by us through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Technology which is then enciphered into our database by providing to use secure server and special rights to our systems will allow us to hide your information. Finally after negotiating with you, our servers will not hold your confidential information's.

5) Modification of our Privacy Policy:-

ANS:- In case we take the decision of evolving our privacy policy then a new update will be submitted by us on this folio. We will also send you an email to report you if any changes occur and reform the privacy policy data below.

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