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Designfo India - #919 831 03 7463

Kindly pay your attention towards the below provided questions and select the particular question that you will find suitable to response. Please wield the contact forms in the right bottom corner of the page if any problematic questions arise in your mind.

1) What kind of service Designfo provide?

ANS: - Functionally we are trained in Graphic designing, HTML5 responsive web design, SEO service, Google AdWords – Remarketing and HTML5 animation.

2) How to order you?

ANS: - Determine which service you interested to given us and then click on the button ‘Order Us’. If you have any confusion, then please fill free contact with us. Then our help team contact with your convenient time.

3) What is the time required to make your service?

ANS: - This is very crucial question. Our team always try to finish your project very carefully. Time frame depends on the scope of service. When you send us an order our team leader contact with you and he will confirm you how long it will be need to finish. Because our main aim with a slow move and give you quality output, as a way you and your client can have satisfied and maintain with us a long bonding relation.

4) What information’s do your designers / programmers need from me?

ANS:- That is depends on your Project Description and Scope. After submitting the order our Team leader discuss with you and fix it.

5) Whether we provide source files for your designs or not?

ANS: - No, presently we don’t send any source files. If our Project manager realise that need any raw files need to related to this project then you can also send us, to minimise the time and project cost. For web project some time needs your ftp/ c panel details, you can mail this our official mail address that will be 100% secure. After complete the project you can change it.

6) If your Project don’t satisfy me what will I do?

ANS: Before sending / uploading the final file if you confirm us that you not satisfied our service then you will get 100% money back. But after submission the final file we are not abide to return your money, according to our Terms and Conditions.

7) What should I do if I want to rejuvenate my designs?

ANS: - We render our client’s 3 free alterations on each design. Our sophisticated designers provide a sketch and the clients are given the chances to like the sketch and can request for a new order. We are always bothered about your choices and demands of our clients. In case the sketch does not please the clients they are free to order another then we don’t accept further requests.

8) How the designs will impress and attract my client’s?

ANS: - Our agency will absolutely create a positive impression on my clients if you build exceptional and outstanding designs. The designs that you will display should be less than two or three times a day per person, for few days and maximum you can advertise for a week. Your showing of the same designs to the same clients for a longer period then it will possibly have a negative effect on the client’s.

Still if you have any question please fill free contact Designo Team.

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